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Health Starts With You

Meet Keirys Peña

 Skincare & Wellness Blogger

Hi! My name is Keirys, pronounced like Katie…I know, it’s Spanish and unless you can roll your R’s, I’d rather you not try, you’ll butcher it. Katie works just fine.


I'm a corgi-obsessed, dessert-loving, compulsive planner and meeting genuine humans is what my soul yearns for.  I started LWB, Life well Balanced, to create a space for my inner thoughts and a platform to share common life experiences.


I am passionate about travel and experiencing new perspectives on life, love and everything in between. I think life is all about the little moments and this blog is my personal time capsule and your guide to living life on purpose.


"Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”



Flower Branch

We all live different lifestyles.  I would describe my lifestyle as sunny, mindful and well balanced.


Get Lost, Find Yourself, Repeat! Life is all about experiences and I'm here to share the best tips to make your travels worthwhile.

Skin Care

Healthy looking skin is always in. I've got you covered with the top tips from industry professionals.

Mental Health

We're all going through something. Sharing my mental health background has allowed me to find peace within myself. Vulnerability is a super power.


Let's face it, relationships are hard. Whether it's friendship, family or romantic, relationships are the foundation to our lives.


"Sometimes the purpose, is to live on purpose."